Thursday, May 19, 2005

Don't Believe the Truth

Well, don't believe that it's good. I picked up a copy of the new Oasis album Don't Believe the Truth, and it's just average. There's no emotion, no soul on this album. It just doesn't rock. It really sounds like they're just going through the motions. I know Oasis is supposed to be derivative, but this album is too derivative (see "Lyla" vs. "Street Fighting Man."). The album starts off ok - "Turn Up The Sun" is good - but then the album doesn't really kick in until the 8th track, "Part of the Queue," which frankly is the only song worth a damn on the album. Now I love Oasis - their B-sides are better than most bands' A-sides (see "Rockin' Chair," "Underneath the Sky," "Shout it out loud," "Let's All Make Believe") - but this album just falls flat. I hope that it will grow on me after a while.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look man you have to let the album grow on you a little bit, at first when i bought this i was like who the hell are these guys, then i started listening to the songs more and they started growing on me, i cant even take the cd out of my car now that ive gotten hooked on it, try listening to let there be love, thats a great song, or love like a bomb, they are doing what any good band should do and that is trying to change for the better, maybe its just a test in a way, and if fans dont like the new sounds by oasis, or they want them to go back to the old stuff then they arent really fans at all, because fans are supposed to be loyal, well theres me input

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