Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I'm waiting for the siren's call

New Order. Thursday. Hammerstein Ballroom. First show in NYC since 1987. I CANNOT WAIT!

The setlists for their two most recent shows have been pretty good. They're really spanning their whole career, even going back to the Joy Division days.

From their show in Oakland on April 29th:

She's Lost Control, Love Vigilantes, Regret, Hey Now What You Doing, Krafty, Transmission, True Faith, Run Wild, Jetstream, Waiting For The Sirens' Call, Bizarre Love Triangle, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Temptation, Crystal, Blue Monday

So they're throwing in tunes from the Joy Division days. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I don't think it's a bad idea. A lot of people are disappointed because they think that Joy Division died with Ian Curtis. I think it's ok if they want to play Joy Division songs. If any band has the right to, it's New Order. I guess it's like hearing Morrissey playing Smiths songs. Since I never had the chance to see Joy Division (or The Smiths), this is really the next best thing.

There's a good
Q&A in the Chicago Sun-Times with Peter Hook. He said that there's only one song on Waiting for the Siren's Call that he doesn't like - "Guilt Is a Useless Emotion." This happens to be my favorite song on the album, but I guess we won't be hearing that played live! Hook is also DJ'ing the afterparty at Hiro.


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