Friday, April 29, 2005

It's All Gone Pete Tong

I checked out It's All Gone Pete Tong the other night. This mockumentary about a legendary Ibizan DJ was pretty good. It's really hard to capture the non-stop wildness of a place like Ibiza, but I thought the movie did a good job - it showed the hard-core club scenes and then the partying-at-the-beach-the-next-morning scenes. Paul Kaye was great as DJ Frankie Wilde, who loses his hearing after years of extremely loud music, coke, and alcohol. I particularly enjoyed the club scene where Frankie is trying to mix but can't hear anything and trainwrecks ensue - followed by his throwing of the turntables on to the dance floor. There were some great camera shots of his mixing - watching his hand on the vinyl, then over to the cross-fader. Pretty good movie overall. Here's the NY Times' review (which didn't really praise the movie).


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