Friday, May 06, 2005


I finally got around to seeing Dig! - the documentary on the Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Pretty friggin' good. Some absolutely great footage here. I've been a temperate fan of both bands for a while, never really getting into them, but listening on occassion. I remember when the Dandys came out around 1995, they were called "America's Answer to Britpop." And that was kind of true - listen to "The Dandy Warhols Theme Song." Anyway, the documentary does a great job of seeing the love/hate relationship between Anton Newcombe of BJM and Courtney Taylor of the Dandys. There's some great footage of the BJM show at the Viper Room, put on by a major label as an industry showcase, where Anton fights the rest of his band - literally fights them, bouncers had to pull every one apart. I saw the BJM in Raleigh in 1996 and as I was told to expect, Anton fought a couple band members and fired the drummer about 2 songs in. Thankfully, Joel stayed on stage to drink and play the tambourine. A weird experience - and one that's covered by Dig!. If you have the opportunity, I recommend watching this documentary.


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