Tuesday, May 17, 2005

We've Got Our Backs to the Wall

Given that Kasabian's Bowery show last year was my "favorite show of 2004," I had high expectations for last night's show at the Bowery. And Kasabian didn't disappoint. They have so much energy on stage and really get the crowd into it. It's just a band, having fun, giving the crowd a good time. As Dennis said after the show, "they were amazing. and people were like, 'dancing' dancing!" Indeed - a lot of people were actually dancing, especially when worked up into a frenzy by "Club Foot." They played a lot of new songs/b-sides along with their hits, "LSF," "Reason is Treason," and "Processed Beats" - which was my personal favorite. So yet again, Kasabian were great (even though there were a fair amount of pre-recorded parts).


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