Sunday, February 13, 2005

I Predict A Riot!

Once again, I boarded the L train to Williamsburg for a North Six experience. This time it was for Kaiser Chiefs, Prosaics, and Madison Strays. I was looking forward to the show because I like all three bands - and they didn't disappoint. It's rare that both openers and the headliner are all great.

Madison Strays went on first and really lived up to my expectations. This band should be huge. They have a good angular guitar sound with a dance-rock rythym. And Belvy, the lead singer, knows how to own the stage. I think their best song by far is "Last Train" and it's played on my iPod over and over again. Prosaics had more of an atmospheric sound, but with a driving bass. For being a three piece, it was impressive to hear such a loud sound. Their album, Against Agape, is very good and I think you can get it on iTunes.

Kaiser Chiefs came out and rocked. They had one of the most high energy shows I've ever seen. At one point, Ricky the lead singer leaned into the crowd and handed someone the mic to sing along. It was incredible. Hands down, "I Predict A Riot" was the best song of their set. They've received a warm welcome in New York, as their Tribeca Grand show a couple months back, the North Six show, and Monday's Mercury Lounge show all sold out. They will be back in March to play the Bowery.

As usual, the crowd didn't dance or really move at all - with the exception of a group in the front during the Kaiser Chiefs' set. This is one thing that always annoys me with New York crowds. The guy next to me at the show was from Leeds (like Kaiser Chiefs) and he mentioned the same thing to me. He pointed to the English girls he was with and said that they would get down - because that's what crowds do in England. I told him that a NY crowd just doesn't dance. I wish they would though.


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