Friday, January 14, 2005

Razorlight and afterparty

I saw Razorlight last night at the Bowery. Pretty good show, even though I'm not really into their music. Johnny Borrell really has great stage presence and played to the crowd. They basically played loud rock and roll, and I thought that "Golden Touch" was especially good.

I wasn't going to see Razorlight but when I heard that Asobi Seksu was going to open for them, I then bought tickets as I have been dying to see Asobi Seksu. They lived up to my expectations and sounded like what I was hearing about them - shoegazer-type guitars with reverb, sweet vocals, some effects. I was really impressed with their rhythm section. The Features played after Asobi and were ok. Good musicianship, but not my kind of music. They had kind of a jam band, frat house rock thing going on, which is ok I guess, if you're into that.

Actually, the best part of the show was during the interlude between The Features and Razorlight - the house p.a. played The Cure's Three Imaginary Boys. I absolutely love "It's Not You" and "Fire in Cairo."

The afterparty at Eleven, hosted by Audrey (Atomique) and GBH, was great. Grabbed a couple of cd's and t-shirts and other assorted trinkets and whatnot. And there's nothing better than hearing "Parklife" and "Do You Remember the First Time" while out. Because the Razorlight show went pretty late, the afterparty really didn't kick in until 1am or so, but when it did, it was packed. Good times all around.


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