Friday, February 04, 2005

Shout it out loud

NME reports that Oasis will be playing Madison Square Garden on June 22, with opener Jet. I'm not a big fan of seeing shows at MSG because the acoustics suck (saw Radiohead there - great songs, bad sound), but I can't turn down an Oasis show. I had 6th row tickets for their tour with the Black Crowes in 2001, and after Oasis did their co-headline set, I gave up my seats to a grateful Black Crowes fan sitting on the lawn and instead went to the parking lot to listen to Familiar to Millions.

The tickets for the Garden show go on sale on February 12. And supposedly, Noel Gallagher and Ian Brown will be on Conan on February 23 - a tune-up for Ian's February 26th show at Webster I guess.


Blogger Brandon said...

I have Ian Brown listed on the wishlist of my Tivo as auto-record, but it probally would not have picked up the Conan showing. the question is, though, will the two of them be touring together at some point or is there some other reason as to why they will both be appearing on the show the same day?

Final question, thinking of ian Brown made me think of the Seahorses--an album I was never able to get my hands on. is it worth listening to? Thinking of the Seahorses made me think of guitar players which made me think of Coxon. He's playing a show out here in chicago and I'm curious to know if you think that it is something worth checking out?

and i dug that article comparing 1995 to today and by the way, my girlfriend always liked that kula Shaker album.

9:14 AM  
Blogger Christopher said...

I'm not sure why Noel will be in NYC that day, but it would be cool if he went on with Ian at Ian's Webster Hall show on the 26th. He could show NYC that he's still relevant and remind us to buy tickets for Oasis' MSG show in June.

I never really got into the Seahorses. When it came out, I was all "cool, John Squire stuff." But it really wasn't that good. Same with Graham Coxon - I listened to it because I liked Blur so much, but it just made me realize that I must like Damon's Blur influence more. Going to see Coxon is definitely worth while though.

And who doesn't like "Taatva" - I'm sure one can always find "K" in the used bins for $2.

10:23 AM  

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