Sunday, January 30, 2005

I just want something for nothing

So Saturday was interesting. Went out to this place they call "Brooklyn" to see The Bravery at the North Six. While on the L out to Williamsburg, I participated in some sort of magician's show - he incorporated pots, pans, and a box that had a fake rat in it. Yeah, this was gonna be an interesting evening.

Started the Billyburg adventure at Greenpoint Tavern on Bedford, where I met J. Ryan Miller and co-pilot Hey Ashley Clark. We imbibed draft beers out of a frighteningly large styrofoam cup. at this great dive bar.

Then it was on to North Six for the show. The cohorts and I got a spot against the bar - always a good choice. Packed house, as this was a sold out show. And The Bravery did not disappoint. They opened with "Unconditional" and hit my favorites - "Tyrant," "Out of Line," and "Honest Mistake" and finished with an encore of "Fearless." Great show and the crowd seemed pleased. Looked like a lot of newbies in the audience - only a small group in the front danced and most people didn't seem to know the songs.

Here's Mike H working the bass. He performed the impressive feat of not only playing bass lines for a band, but chugging two beers during said performance. Chatted with him after the show for a couple of minutes. Nice guy. He says that following the U.K. tour in February where they'll be playing "anywhere they let us," the band will be doing a full tour of the U.S.

And here's a little more Bravery, doing that thing they do. (Yeah, the pic is a little dark, but it was a dark venue - or I had my hand over the flash).

J. Ryan, Hey Ashley Clark, and I skipped the "official" The Bravery afterparty, and headed on to Brooklyn Ale House. On the way, we passed by the largest Thai restaurant on the planet - appropriately named "Planet Thailand." Seriously, this place was huge. Following a couple of Stellas at Brooklyn Ale House (a wholly independent country that apparently does not recognize the "No Smoking" law), I left team North Six and headed back to Manhattan. It started snowing, which means no cabs. So it was back on the L for me, luckily without magicians this time.

After arriving on the island, I was propositioned by a prostitute while walking down 14th Street. Just great. She either liked my jeans or really wanted to share a cab with me. I declined (I mean sharing cabs are only for the special people in my life), and made it to my next destination, Tiswas at Don Hill's to see Tim Burgess dj.

Here's Tim, making a selection. Unfortunately, there were a lot of trainwrecks and uncomfortable silences. Nevertheless, the highlight was the Monkey Mafia remix of Saint Etienne's "Filthy." Tiswas was packed. I'm really glad, because it's been so empty recently - I guess the hipsters have moved on.

More Tim, being sneaky in that black hat. Great to see him pumped up and rocking the place.

Interestingly, I ran into the Manchester girls that have been haunting the Atomique party at Eleven recently. They are a fearsome pack - not afraid to get down.

And then I ran out of energy, or was just really drunk, and decided to go home. The realization that I only had $4 was not cool, as most cabbies don't appreciate such paltry sums. Wandered through SoHo to find an ATM, took care of that, and made it home, just enjoying the snowfall.

Gotta love New York.


Blogger Ashley said...

Planet Thai is super yummy!

I felt this way about The Bravery the first few times. Then the smoke and mirrors clear and I realized they are good at playing the game and having a fun time at it and can't fault them for it. But I also realized that I need more substance in my music than they offer and moved on in search of the music that leaves me breathless, weak in the knees and melted on contact.

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