Monday, January 24, 2005

Please, stop looking at my...

...iPod playlist. From (via Stereogum):

But perhaps the ultimate New York experience is having your personal space breached. In a city where everyone wants what everyone else has, even iPod playlists are not off limits for the curious. At the Equinox near Union Square, Lisa Kolodny was exercising and listening to her iPod recently when she noticed the woman on the elliptical trainer next to her trying to speak to her. Ms. Kolodny took out her ear buds, and the woman asked if she would mind trading iPods while they worked out because she was bored of her playlists.

"I felt like it was the equivalent of asking a stranger to lick your face in the middle of a bar," said Ms. Kolodny, 26, who politely declined, partly because she feared the woman's iPod would be stocked with Olivia Newton-John.

Seriously, not only are you checking out my 'Pod, but what if you only listen to Olivia Newton-John?


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