Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Oh you've got blue eyes, oh you've got green eyes

Great article in The Guardian about an interview/conversation between Bloc Party and Peter Hook. In it, Hook gives advice to the new Brit media darlings. Aside from the advice, there are some great stories in here as well, with Hook telling them about the Joy Division/New Order days. As for his current activities, Hook said:

Hook: At the moment I'm doing a thing with Mani [Primal Scream/Stone Roses] and Andy Rourke, whom Morrissey fired from the Smiths with a Post-It on his windscreen. We're calling ourselves Freebass 'cos they're songs with three
basses. Mani's got the same problem as me in that Primal Scream don't play live enough, so he got me into DJing. We did this one in Barcelona. He was trolleyed and scratching the records. I was going, "Mani, the record's not on!" The
punters were complaining and he was throwing records at them. It's a poor substitute for gigging and I can't imagine why someone would go to a club and have someone aged 49 playing records but it keeps me young and it's a good laugh.

Gordon Moakes: What do you play?

Hook: All sorts of shite that I nick and put on the computer plus unreleased New Order mixes. I've done a couple with Barney. He tells me, "Don't play New Order, it's dead embarrassing." Then when I put it on he goes, "This sounds good."

When I saw Hook dj at Turnmills, he indeed played New Order - much to the delight of the crowd - and was having a laugh while doing it.

Full article here (thanks to One Louder for passing this along).


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