Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Rainy, Kentish Town Tuesday

Drowned in Sound has done a marvelous job pointing out the "new Britpop" by comparing today's Brit bands with the bands from the halcyon days of 1995. For example:
4. Franz Ferdinand - A little arty, a little on the wrong side of the usual music industry cut-off age of 25, Alex Kapranos has become something of a skinny pin-up. The band have already crossed over into the teen market thanks to mammoth foot-stomping hit ‘Take Me Out’. If their debut album was ‘Different Class’ then the next album will be the ‘misunderstood’ one. Or it may sell fuckloads. Whatever. Helped by the fact they absolutely butchered ‘Mis-shapes’in an early radio session, it may not surprise you to learn that Franz Ferdinand are really Pulp.

That's not bad, but try being compared to Kula Shaker or Menswear (Kasabian and The Ordinary Boys, respectively). Check the rest out here. (Thanks to J. Ryan Miller for passing this along).


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