Thursday, April 07, 2005

Various pieces of information

So I've recovered from Final Four weekend in STL, well almost - my voice still hasn't returned. And now it's back to the NYC music scene.

It's Bloc Party week in NYC, with Letterman last night and Bowery shows tonight and tomorrow night. Various bloggers reported that BP cancelled their Philly show due to Kele's strained vocal chords, but I think the NYC shows are still on. I'll be at Friday's festivities.

Tonight, instead of going to see Bloc Party, I'm heading over to Pianos to check out Apollo Heights. These guys are the new incarnation of one of my favorite all-time bands, The Veldt. This band should have been huge and even had a major label album (1994's Afrodisiac) but couldn't break in. The Veldt were a shoegazing guitar with hip hop beats and soul vocals kind of band, and I think Apollo Heights are similar if not a little more mellow. They toured with TV On The Radio last year and had a good response. I am so fired up for this show.

Stereophonics have announced Bowery shows - May 23 and 24th. Tix go on sale on April 13. I'm still a fan even though their latest album is kind of poor. If the show was at Webster like it was the last time they were here, I'd skip it, but a Bowery show will be good.

And finally, numerous blogs are psyched over Annie's upcoming NYC appearances on April 12, 14, and 16. I cannot wait - even though she's just dj'ing. I picked up the Alan Braxe 12" remix of "Heartbeat" and absolutely love it.


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