Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Turn it Blue!!!

So Carolina emerged victorious in what was the best Men's Championship game ever. UNC vs. Illinois, 1 vs. 2, the two best teams all year.

And I was there to take it all in. Carolina fans were in short supply - U of I's campus was only a couple of hours away. The arena was 80% orange and very loud. After the victory though - the "INI"'s were no longer audible.

Pre-Game with the Heels!

Of course, the Carolina ladies were on hand as well...

Enough Said

This shirt really says it all.

(Also of note, during this Missouri adventure I spent some time in CoMO - Columbia, Missouri the home of the Tigers. Participated in a vicious game of Friends trivia - I didn't even know there was such a game. Nevertheless, I won the lightning round of all lightning rounds - "Armadillo!").


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