Monday, April 18, 2005

I feel so extraordinary

I happened to remember that Apollo Heights were playing late Friday night at Rothko, and managed to make my way over there around 1:30am. Good show - better than last week's at Pianos. Their sound is a little darker than their Veldt sound, but still really powerful. Apparently "Heather" is the only song from their Veldt days that makes it into Apollo Heights' set - and its great to hear. The Apollo Heights album will come out in August.

On Saturday, I checked out The Go Station at Pianos. Probably the best set I've heard them play, and they seem to get stronger each time out. One casualty from Saturday's show was the snare drum, and thankfully there was a back-up snare in the house. "C'mon" and "Wandering Away" (see video here) were especially good, but the highlight was a synth-less cover of New Order's "True Faith." Their EP Quiet Zone is almost ready, and I'm looking forward to its release.

I was going to see Madison Strays on Sunday, but just didn't have the energy for their midnight set. Hopefully they'll have some NYC shows following their return from a quick tour of England.


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