Thursday, April 14, 2005 my house, my house.

My New Order tickets arrived yesterday. fired up about this show (May 5th, the Hammerstein).

Went to Cheeky Bastard last night at Hiro, where Nora, the Husky Gentleman, Nick Marc, and Courtney Taylor dj'ed. Heard a lot of great songs, including "Daft Punk is Playing at My House," which I didn't like at first but when I hear it being blasted over the speakers, it's actually quite enjoyable. My favorite quote from the evening came from my friend Susan: "Do they bring their own music or is it already here?" "Oh, they bring their own stuff." "So that means that they actually own a copy of Cory Hart's 'Sunglasses at Night'?" "Yes, I guess they do." Hiro is an interesting place - wandering through long hallways, through a huge (and really cool looking) ballroom, and into the bunker-like bar.

The Anniemal is on tap for tonight at the Tribeca Grand. Should be interesting, and very crowded with blogger-types. While I love "Heartbeat" (especially the Alan Braxe remix) and like some of the other songs on Anniemal, I'm not under the impression that she's the greatest thing ever. More like the Scandanavian Kylie, but I think Fever is a much stronger album than Anniemal.


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