Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Pretty standard actually

In standard form, Noel Gallagher calls out some of the "hot" indie bands while speaking with Australia's Triple J. As reported by the NME, Gallagher calls out Franz Ferdinand, the Kaiser Chiefs, and Bloc Party by stating "Let's call it what it is - it's indie shit, is what it is. None of them are trying to make it big. They're all trying to make it small or medium - that's it." He did say he liked Franz and Kaiser, but had no positive thoughts on Bloc Party, who are "just appalling." I guess Noel is more concerned about bands trying to be the "best in the world" as opposed to just producing good music.

For something completely different, Triple J played their list of greatest B-Sides of All Time back in 2002. "Dear God" by XTC was #1. Here's the full list. Oasis' "Acquiesce" was #14.


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