Tuesday, October 18, 2005

From the West Coast

Two bands from the West Coast I've been turned on to recently are worth mentioning, Velella Velella and The Arrogants.

Velella Velella present great loungey grooves. CokeMachineGlow aptly described VV: "what we have here, folks, is the Neptunes for people who like vibes and Burt Bacharach more than marching drums and Snoop Dogg..." Quite true - VV are the perfect mix of 60's spy soundtracks and dance funk. Right-click the outstanding "Do Not Fold/Do Not Bend".

Arrogants' sound oscillates from Juliana Hatfield/Belly to slightly shoegaze-esque guitars. Their new album new album You've Always Known When Best to Say Goodbye was just released and has 23 tracks(!) plus a dvd. You can download some songs from the album here and buy it here. Right-click my favorite track of theirs, Antony and Cleopatra.


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