Wednesday, October 19, 2005

You seem Starshaped

Damon Albarn told XFM London that Blur will release a laid-back and low-key EP by the end of the year. He said it will be the "total opposite of Gorillaz." Damon also mentioned that Blur will not be replacing Graham Coxon - “What’s the point? We’d never be able to get one as good as Graham.”

And I finally saw Starshaped, Blur's tour documentary from 1992-1994. Brilliant footage - a lot of good behind the scenes action with shots of the band boozing, Damon throwing up, a chat with John Peel, and a good deal of concert footage as well. Starshaped focused on their Leisure and Modern Life is Rubbish tours - in their suits-with-Doc Martens stage. These guys were really punk-ass kids back then, especially Damon who seemed to always be running his mouth about something. Bonus points for showing Graham being interviewed by a German reporter while Slowdive is playing live in the background and for the "extras" which included video footage from an early show of theirs at a pub in London (with the long hair and flailing around, they could pass for Ned's Atomic Dustbin).


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