Saturday, November 05, 2005

Turn the Radio On


Client may be the sexiest group alive. They brought their naughty electro sound to The Marquee (Leicester Sq., London) last Friday night. Client A and Client B were flanked by the stunning 6 foot tall bassist, Client E, making her debut appearance with the group. And of course Sara and Kate are gorgeous, and their act really plays this up. But nevermind, let's talk about the music. Often electro acts have a hard time reproducing their sound live, but Client did an excellent job. Loud and clear. Highlights were "Come On" and "Radio" (with half the crowd singing the harmony call back "turn the radio on"). Unfortunately, Carl Barat couldn't be there, but "Pornography" was still splendid.


And for those that care, they throw an all-electro club night at the Notting Hill Arts Club called Being Boiled.


Sing-Sing opened and played an acoustic set, adding a cello to the mix. Although the music wasn't as loud as it could have been, by playing acoustically Lisa's vocals really shined. "I'll Be" sounded especially good.


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