Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Depeche Mode at MSG

I managed to score floor seats for Depeche Mode's December 7th show at MSG with the whole iTunes pre-sale thing. As expected, the system didn't work perfectly. It took me 7 tries before Ticketmaster accepted my iTunes-purchased password and kept saying "the system has no record of this password." So instead of getting seats in sections 1-4 right next to the stage, I was relegated to the back of the floor by wasting the extra three minutes re-typing my password. Although I'm pleased with my seats, I still really hate Ticketmaster.

And let's hope the Depeche-Mode-at-the-Bowery rumors are true. [Update, Depeche Mode's website has posted the following: "The band will be playing a warm-up club gig in Manhattan, called "Starting the Angel." This will be a small private club show for contest winners. Contest details to come shortly. Stay tuned." Boy would it be nice to get tickets for that. I'm sure they will be giving some away at their in-store at Tower Records on October 18.]


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