Monday, October 10, 2005

Witching Hour

If electro is your thing, you should run out now and pick up Witching Hour from Ladytron. Their third LP is much more complete than 604 and Light and Magic, adding more live instrumentation to the mix than 604 or Light and Magic ever did. While those albums had some great tracks ("Playgirl," "Discotraxx"; and "Seventeen," "Flicking Your Switch" respectively), there were a couple of filler tracks that left those albums flat. Witching Hour, however, lasts a full 13 tracks and has some stand-outs to match. The single "Destroy Everything You Touch" is absurdly good; an epic track really. "International Date Line," "High Rise," and "Beauty *2" are great too.

You can see the video for "Destroy Everything You Touch" here.

Witching Hour


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree. this album is absurdly good and has exceeded my expectations. i love it!


3:26 PM  

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