Friday, October 07, 2005

Got ta, got ta, know...Got ta, got ta, know...

The Rapture played a warm-up gig for their new material last night at Crash Mansion. And as expected, they rocked. Present were the usual funk rhythms, disco drumming, ear-splitting wails, and cowbell. They played 4 or 5 new songs (starting with the set opener, "No Sex in Bed"), and these sounded pretty good - nothing too different from Echoes, but Mattie sang most of them. As for their "old" songs, they played "Killing," "Sister Saviour," "Out of the Races...," and blew the floor up with "House of Jealous Lovers." Pretty good crowd there and everyone was clearly enjoying themselves. No encore though - Mattie explained that they haven't played in a year and their set was all they knew how to play.

Even though this was a practice run, The Rapture still have it. I'm sure the Bowery show on the 21st will be even tighter. (And Cut Copy opens for that one, nice!). They're also playing another warm-up gig at the Fixed! party at the Tribeca Grand on the 15th.

Luke Jensen


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