Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Cure in '84

Wolfgang's Vault, a great concert t-shirt, artwork, poster site, has offered up its concert vault in streaming format, and has included a show by The Cure at Washington, DC's Ontano Theater from Nov. 16, 1984 (holy shit, that was 22 years ago tomorrow!). This 90 minute show features a lot of stuff from their Concert and Curiosity era sound (Japanese Whispers, The Top, some Seventeen Seconds and Pornography) . It's not my favorite period for The Cure, but the recording is of great quality and is worth listening to for any Cure fan.


Blogger V said...

Hey thanks for this. I'll have to check it out when I get home tonight.

I do love early Cure. The first time I went to see them was back in 85 at Radio City Music Hall. It was a fantastic and pretty extensive set they played.

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