Thursday, November 02, 2006

Club NME/The Horrors/The Sounds/The Zune

I went to the kickoff of Club NME last night and saw performances by The Sounds and The Horrors (CSS was supposed to play, but the lead singer got sick). The show was at the Harmony Palace - a Chinese banquet hall/restaurant - pretty hilarious actually. The Sounds were quite good and my two favorite songs of theirs, "Tony the Beat" and "Paint By Numbers" sounded great live. The Horrors on the other hand were so awful that I would have shot myself in the head if it wasn't for the free beer being handed out. I can't believe that everyone is trying to hype this band. Smacking yourself repeatedly in the ear sounds better than those guys. (Apparently I'm not the only one who dislikes them - an audience member attacked lead singer Faris Badwan at their show on Tuesday night at Stereo).

As I discussed before, Club NME is coming to NYC permanently. Starting on December 15, it will starts its residence at the new Gramery Park Hotel. Club NME is at numerous cities around the UK, and as part of NME's attempted take over of the US, it will now be in LA and NYC.

Oh, and the best part about the launch party last night (other than the free beer) was the Microsoft Zune sponsorship - they had people walking around asking if you would like to check out the Zune. Hilarious, because these paid promoters had no idea what the hell the Zune did. This one girl kept coming up to me and asking "hey, would you like to check this thing out?" I'd ask her annoying questions like "how is this better than my iPod?" and "does this have some sort of wireless download option?" She had no clue and actually referred to a crib sheet on the Zune. Comedy.


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