Sunday, November 05, 2006

Noel's wit and wisdom

I checked out Lord, Don't Slow Me Down, the documentary for Oasis' Don't Believe the Truth tour. It was a really intimate look at the boys backstage and on stage. Some great footage from their New York show at the Garden, which I attended. You can really see why these guys are rock stars - they hit the stage with so much bombast and swagger and just blow out great sets. The film also showed some nice "real person" moments, like signing a birthday card and getting a birthday cake for Zak Starkey (Ringo's son and Oasis' tour drummer) and a trip to a Japanese instrument shop, where they tried out just about everything. They also spent some quality time with Kasabian and Jet. If you're an Oasis fan, the film is a must see.

After the film, Noel did a Q+A with Matt Pinfield and took some questions from the crowd (mostly softballs). We learned the following:
  • The Beatles' "Blue" album is Noel's favorite Beatles' album (the greatest hits collection - 67-70)
  • the purpose of Stop the Clocks is for fans 15 years from now to pick up one Oasis cd and find almost all of their best songs, and then go and buy the individual albums
  • the reason Be Here Now was so bad was 1) it wasn't Morning Glory, 2) at that time Oasis was so big that no one had the guts to tell Noel to stop - case in point, at that time, he thought "D'ya Know What I Mean?" should have been longer than 8 minutes, and 3) he wrote most of the album while in the Caribbean and drunk
  • "Go Let It Out" is the song that sounds most like a modern day The Beatles song
  • his favorite artists are Neal Young and Bob Dylan, but his music doesn't sound like either of them
  • the day he wrote "Live Forever" was the day that his songwriting really changed
  • he thinks that the Kings of Leon are currently the best songwriters around
  • Oasis will end when Liam's hair falls out


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