Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I once read somewhere that Goldfrapp was a like Marlene Dietrich singing over Depeche Mode music. Quite accurate, and exactly what it felt like at Irving Plaza last night. During the first few songs, Allison Goldfrapp, with a fan blowing her hair back and an intricate light display behind her, reminded me of a sexy banshee wailing in the night. Quite a spectacle. That woman has an amazing voice, and showed it off. Once the band began playing Supernature songs, they settled into a glammed-up electro fest, armed with synths, violins, great bass-lines, and synth-guitars. To add to the spectacle, two dancers dressed as werewolves during "Train," aliens during "Slide In," and as expected, horses for "Ride a White Horse."

Goldfrapp played virtually everything from Supernature and a few cuts from Black Cherry. Highlights were "Slide In," "Ride a White Horse," "Fly Me Away," and "Train." Although the slow songs are good, I wasn't really in the mood for them last night, and frankly, I think they should have closed with "White Horse" when the energy level was up rather than coming back for the "Black Cherry" and "Number 1" encore.

This was definitely one of the best shows I've seen in 2006 and much better than when I saw Goldfrapp at Benicassim in 2003 (their sound works better in packed club than an open field).

[Full setlist via Fluxlog: Utopia / Lovely Head / Tip Toe / Train / Koko / Slide In / U Never Know / Deer Stop / Fly Me Away / Satin Chic / Beautiful / Ride A White Horse / Ooh La La - Encore: Black Cherry / Number 1 - Encore 2: Strict Machine]

[Above picture from Top of the Pops on BBC]


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