Friday, April 28, 2006

Creepy Depeche Mode

Stylus listed their "Top Ten Creepiest Depeche Mode Songs" - and came up with great explanations as to why the songs were "creepy." (Via LHB) The writer points out that "creepy" is not an insult to the song, but rather the ten listed songs deal with sexuality/religion/domination/suicide in such a vivid and believable way that they made the listener feel something strange. My favorite description was for #7, "The Sweetest Perfection" off of Violator:
During one of my two trips to a strip club ever, I watched a stripper perform to this song. That twangy bass line acts as the leash; it gets layered upon but never actually dissipates. Static drum march, sparse guitar wails…then the beat steadies itself and hips move before a pseudo masturbatory bridge is reached. It worked perfectly because you weren’t sure whether to be aroused or simply weep at the maudlin disposition—which is how I normally feel at strip clubs.

That description really nails it. I remember when I was in 6th or 7th grade and managed to get my hands on a nice stack of porn. Violator happened to be the soundtrack as I was flipping through Penthouse or Playboy or whatever. And it was such the perfect soundtrack - dirty, sensual, and slightly creepy. Even when I hear Violator today, I can't not think of porn mags.


Blogger orange anubis said...

Brilliant music; that poor stripper doing her work to such muscial darkness, though!

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