Saturday, December 31, 2005

Big in 2006

2005 was so last year. And these guys are gonna be big in 2006.

Aberdeen City - Aberdeen City produces a big rock sound with angsty vocals, but manages to stay melodic at the same time. After two EPs, their outstanding first full-length, The Freezing Atlantic, was just released. They've done well in their native Boston, and spent the past couple of months touring the country. They'll be at the Mercury Lounge on January 19th. Right click "In Combat."

The Changes - The Changes are your new indie-pop crush. A bit like early The Police, with a little bit of Phoenix thrown in, they play great guitar driven indie-pop songs. They just came off three strong shows in NYC, and are headed to Park City this January to play the Sundance Festival opening night gala. They need a little more seasoning, but The Changes are well on their way. Right click "When I Wake," off of their self titled EP.

The Diggs - Featuring an indiscernable yet expansive mid-90's indie rock sound - perhaps Dinosaur Jr.'s Where You Been crossed with shoegazer reverb? - The Diggs have had a lot of support in NYC, especially following their recent Sin-e residency. Their debut album Commute was just released by Sugarspun Records. Right click "Stagg."

iForward Russia! - Frenetic, upbeat, and sharp. This dancepunk outfit is getting a lot of love in their native UK and are keeping up with their busy 2005 schedule by releasing a new single in January ("Twelve") and touring all over the UK this winter. Their live shows are supposed to be outstanding, and I hope they make it over to the US in 2006. Right click "Thirteen."

MSTRKRFT - As the kids say, they're shit hot - remixing Annie, Bloc Party, Metric. MSTRKRFT is definitely the discopunk production team du jour. They do great work with basslines and handclaps. Their debut album The Looks comes out this Spring. Check their myspace page for tunes.

She Wants Revenge - Perhaps derivative, but at least they take the best from dark electro bands I like - The Cure, Joy Division, Depeche Mode. Their self-titled debut album (with outstanding cover art) has been on iTunes for a little while now, but will be physically distributed this Spring. Jeff CV says that their single has been getting all sorts of radio play out in LA. And "Tear You Apart" was the free iTunes download of the week last week - just in time to fill up all of those new iPods sitting under the Christmas tree. Here's their video for "Sister."

The Sunshine Underground - Zane Lowe of BBC's Radio 1 said "Commercial Breakdown" is the hottest record in the world when he played it on Nov. 22. How's that for a compliment. This dancerock band is part of the burgeoning Leeds scene and is playing a Barfly tour of the UK in January. Right click "Put You in Your Place," which kinda has The Music-esque vocals. (They now have a new website, so the song is no longer available - check out their myspace page for tunes).

These New Puritans - Electro/art rock band that can be compared to The Fall or Joy Division. Although a lot of bands get that comparison, these guys deserve it. They're playing Liar's Club in Nottingham with MSTRKRFT at the end of January. Right click "Chamber."

White Rose Movement - A throwback New Wave synth rock band, WRM deserves the hype that they are getting. WRM had one of the best songs of 2005 with "Love is a Number." They have a debut LP coming out soon and they'll be in New York this January (Mercury Lounge and Don Hill's). After that, they'll support Rakes across the UK. Stream the video for "Love is a Number" (and listen to that "Transmission" bassline).


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