Thursday, December 08, 2005

Touring the Angel

Really, what can you say? Depeche Mode at the Garden was incredible. Two hours of hits and Playing the Angel tracks. The entire areana roaring with applause, and singing along with "Question of Time," "Policy of Truth," "Enjoy the Silence," "Everything Counts." The stage setup was quite elaborate - massive video screens turned slightly asckew showing images of each band memeber and a large globe with flickering lights and neon words such as "pain," "suffering," "love." And Martin in a black Roman centurian outfit.

David Gahan may be the best live frontman ever. Not only is his voice top notch, but he owns the stage - owns it. He slithers around, wields the mic stand with a vengence, plays off Martin and Fletch, and lets the audience sing when necessary.

The sound was incredible. I vowed never to return to a show at MSG because the sound is so bad, but it really worked last night - the low notes of David's vocals and the bass note on the synth really came out. And as much as I hate arena shows, Depeche Mode can really pull it off.

The setlist ran:

Intro /A Pain That I'm Used To / John The Revelator / A Question Of Time / Policy Of Truth /Precious / Walking In My Shoes / Suffer Well / Damaged People / Home (stripped down Martin version) / I Want It All / The Sinner In Me / I Feel You / Behind The Wheel / World In My Eyes / Personal Jesus / Enjoy The Silence

encore 1: Somebody / Just Can't Get Enough / Everything Counts

encore 2: Never Let Me Down Again / Goodnight Lovers

As for The Bravery, what can you say? Not the best arena band. The large venue really accentuates how poor Sam's voice is. His hystrionics may work at a small Lower East Side venue, but they're not gonna carry at an arena. They plowed through a 30 minute set to a 1/3 filled MSG. A couple of people were cheering - other than that, no one really cared. But good for The Bravery - going from Pianos to the Garden in 16 months.


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