Friday, December 16, 2005

Tinselfrenzy 2005

Nice work by Nora and Nicola On The Pull for putting together Tinselfrenzy last night at Rothko, featuring Morning Theft, Beat Radio, The Changes, The Diggs, and Lakota, with Britpop OG Brian Molloy and The Shut the Fuck Up DJs.

The Changes are your new indie rock crush. Somewhere between early Police, Tahiti 80 and Phoenix, they craft outstanding indie pop songs. And they feature a glockenspiel, the cowbell of 2006! Enjoy When I Wake.

The Diggs, as usual, were outstanding and loud. Such incredible musicianship from a three piece. After playing some outstanding tunes, including my favorite Stagg, they closed with a note for note cover of "Waterfall." Are you kidding me? It sounded better than when Ian Brown played it at Webster Hall.


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