Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Bit Saucy

So you're showing off your new apartment. She's impressed with the decor, the bookshelves, the candles. You're looking for that cool, sorta romantic chill out music...hmmm what will she like? Sarah McLaughlin, nah, too H&M soundtrack. Beth Orton? Nah, too folksy. Beth Gibbons? A little bit of a downer. And since you're a little indie rock, you go with Nest. Nest? you think. Absolutely. Sensuous vocals, check. Melodic guitar and keys, check. Tight rhythm, check. This will work.

Where can you hear Nest you say? Try their snazzy website or their myspace page.


Anonymous Sympton said...

On a summers evening lazing around in the outdoor hammocks listening to nice music with a drink in one hand and a beautiful close up sheer heaven

10:27 AM  

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