Monday, September 19, 2005

No CMJ for me

While all the music lovers in NYC were at various CMJ shows over the weekend, I headed to Chapel Hill to try to re-live college. Things are generally the same there, including beer prices ("$1 Miller Lites? I'll have 12 please"). I ate a ton of pulled pork sandwiches and egg and cheese biscuits. The football game was fun, but didn't turn out the way I had hoped as Carolina lost 14-3. Defense looked good, but the offense was anemic and couldn't get anything going. Luckily I had been drinking for 12 straight hours and didn't really care about the score by the end of the game. Sadly, the high point of the game was when the announcer stated: "A plethora of flags on the play." We all went apeshit and numerous Three Amigos jokes were thrown around. All in all, it was a good time. All of the grass and sun and subdivisions were unnerving though, and I'm glad to be back in NYC.


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