Sunday, September 11, 2005

Standard night out

Friday night. Pre-gamed by listening to a friend DJ, then went to Sin-e to see Unlove (f/k/a/ Coma), then went to Route 85a to DJ, then did shots until 4:30am, and finished the evening with a cheeseburger at some 24hr diner. Yep, a standard Friday night out.

Here's my Unsavory! setlist from Friday.

And Unlove were incredible. Their sound can be tagged "shoegazer" because of the feedback and echo pedals, but they bring a little harder edge to the standard shoegazer sound. Kristina Zubkova has such an incredible voice and it works well with the ambient wall of sound. They're currently re-mastering an EP, which hopefully will be out soon. As for now, one can hear a couple of songs here.


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