Friday, July 15, 2005

Is it fun to bash Britpop?

It seems like a lot of people are bashing Britpop these days. The Village Voice had a piece, which seemed to be based loosely on John Harris's The Last Party, discussing Britpop's demise. After reading this article, the great Chromewaves discussed his falling out with Britpop - mentioning that he sold off almost all of his Britpop cd's. The comment section to his post also have a lot of peeps slagging off on mid-90's British music.

All of which I disagree with. I've liked Britpop since I first saw the video for "Metal Mickey" by Suede (which was kind of strange) on 120 Minutes (with the equally strange Dave Kendall!), and still love it now. I think it's hard to nail down the Britpop sound - other than being British and from the mid-90's. There were so many different sounds (Suede's glam, Oasis' cock rock, Blur's art rock, Pulp's lyrical geniusness over moogs), but they're all gathered together as one genre (and really Britpop was a reaction to early 90's American grunge rather than a distinct sounding genre). Even the British music mags didn't really like the sound (Q gave Definitely Maybe a bland review with 3 out of 5 stars) until they had the oppportunity to classify it in 1995 as a genre.

I think most people hate "Britpop" primarily because they dislike Oasis, which is fine, but there are more British bands than just Oasis. Anyway, I'm keeping my Britpop cd's and frankly, will keep playing them all the time.


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