Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bloc Party inside Hell

Bloc Party played in Hell last night - that would be Webster Hall. I'm not talking about what a shitty venue it is; rather, I'm talking about the temperature. It was literally 130 degrees in there. I sweated off about 10 pounds. A little a/c or at least some blowing fans would have been nice. (Speaking of fans that blow, I had these jackasses standing next to me the whole time, yelling at Kele to "speak American" when he talked to the crowd, and yelling out, get this, the obligatory "Freebird." They had to leave before the final song to "catch their trains." Figures.)

Nevertheless, Bloc Party ruled, as usual. They're the best live band I've seen in a while. They really put their heart into it. BP ran through almost all of Silent Alarm and played a few off the EP. I was pleased to hear "Price of Gasoline" and "The Marshals are Dead."

I bought these tickets spur of the moment when they were put on sale. I then regretted that decision - I didn't want to go to Webster Hall. But I'm really glad I went. Great show. Wish I was going again tonight.


Blogger winston theramin said...

Bloc Party rocked last night. I missed them at the BB a couple of months back, so was glad to get tickets to this. And Webster Hall's not that bad - the sound is fantastic compared to most venues.


2:30 PM  
Anonymous dtrain said...

I went to BP at BB night one and thought they were awful. Oddly, although I hate webster hall and it was hot as shit, I thought they sounded amazing last night. Really glad I went.

5:22 PM  
Blogger Christopher said...

Bloc Party's Friday night show at the Bowery months back was their best show in my view. I heard that the Thursday show there wasn't that good, but they were on their game that Friday. It was similar to the Webster performance, but just in a better venue.

My problem with Webster is that the acoustics aren't that great. If you are not front and center, the lyrics sound all muffled. And I think some shows there could be louder - Bloc Party included. The sound just wasn't loud enough (unlike the Libertines show I saw there - I couldn't hear for days after that).

8:41 AM  
Blogger winston theramin said...

When you get to my age, you appreciate the clarity of sound offered by Webster, over the volume! Mercury Rev's sound there was amazing a few weeks ago. To be honest, most BB shows I've been to recently haven't seemed that loud and Webster sounded as loud as any. As for Maxwell's, Sonic Youth didn't seem loud enough there, either, so maybe I'm just going deaf :)


12:28 PM  

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