Sunday, March 06, 2005

Between Us and Them

Checked out Moving Units last night at Irving Plaza. They opened for Secret Machines, whom I think everyone was there to see as it was a sold out show. The last time I saw Moving Units they were at the Bowery and put on a good show. Similar here at Irving, although the larger space required a heavier sound. "Anyone" and "Between Us and Them" were the best tracks from their set. And like the Bowery show, they didn't play "Available" - a great song to get down to. I thought they were very good - but the crowd (of mostly teenagers, which means Secret Machines must have a video on MTV) didn't really get into them.

I only stayed for a couple of Secret Machines songs, which were good psych-rock. I was tired and really needed a burrito from Cosmic Cantina. Also, Autolux, the first opener of the night, put on a good set. As I've said before, I'm a fan of the shoegaze sound and they provided that. The drummer though, really reigned the sound in and she did a great job on vocals.


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