Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lily Allen

I'm very impressed with the marketing that Lily Allen has done. She's a MySpace queen with a gazillion friends (never mind that such status doesn't make an artist good) and she had a nice piece in the NY Times a month or so ago regarding her popularity. She's put together a great set of songs and has done well in the UK, and is now bringing her buzz to the States. Her management/label made a smart move by releasing an EP of her stuff to coincide with her brief tour of the music cities in the U.S. - so rather than forcing us to wait until next year for a domestic release, we can buy some of her stuff now. (It's being released by Capitol). And this EP contains her hit "Smile", which was the song of summer in the UK. Good work Lily. She plays the sold out Hiro Ballroom tonight before hitting San Fran, Chicago, and LA later in the week.


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