Monday, July 31, 2006

A little bit of at-ti-tude...

I often have a hard time trying to sell Suede on others. Perhaps its Brett's voice, which I myself found objectionable the first time I heard "Metal Mickey" in the early 90's. Nevertheless, Suede is one of my favorite bands and I am always trying to get others to listen to them. Recently I made a mix cd for a friend. I completely forgot that I put Suede's "Attitude" on there, so it was with shock and surprise when my friend stated that one of her favorite songs on the mix cd was "Attitude". Mostly shocking because "Attitude" was one of Suede's last songs - one of the two that they had put on the obligatory Singles album - one which most Suede fans despise (probably because it's a little un-Suede sounding). So I asked my friend why she liked it. Her response: "It's a great song to secretly and subtly strut down the street to. It's like the sidewalk is momentarily your own catwalk. Magic." Well said.

The other song that Suede put on their Singles comp, "Love the Way You Love Me," is also another one that most Suede fans dislike. However, I've thrown it out there a couple times when DJing and often people are impressed. Perhaps Suede's "bad" stuff is better than everyone thought.


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