Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New Killers track is not that good

A snippet of The Killers' new single "When You Were Young" can be downloaded from the Island Records site. It's not that good. No synths, lots of strings, some whining. Their sophomore album comes out on October 3rd.


Anonymous steve austin said...

This might not be the place to post a positive comment but, i'll do it anyway.

I have a 'radio' cd promo (from Universal) and i've listened to this around 20 or so times now. Overall, i like it a lot. Sure, it's not genius. Who was expecting that?

I own thousands of albums and, although i really like 'hot fuss', i wouldn't class it has one of top 50 best albums of the last 30 years (even). That's going too far!

The sound of "When You Were Young" is an extension of where they left off. It is by no means a departure. However, they managed to encapsulate an 'air' of Bruce Springsteen's "Born To Run" (live version). Yes, only an 'air'. So, don't excited or uptight by that statement!

Extremely mild lyrical similarites:
BS: "Sprung from cages on Highway 9, Chrome-wheeled fuel-injected"
TK: "We're burning down the highway skyline, on the back of a hurricane" - so, not a motorbike then! *LOL*

TK: "like you imagined, when you were young"
BS: "we gotta get out while we're young"

But, yes, that breakdown into the middle 8 is a derived rip of "Born To Run", for sure. I think they call it a 'tribute' these days ;)

I liked the glockenspiel/xylophone element. I guess people would call that 'very Flaming Lips' these days too?!

The vocal compression makes him sound - in places - like Karen-O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs). Y'know, that strained strangled cat sound she does?
Listen out for "can we climb this mountain" and "easy now".

I'd say there's a 'sniff' of David Bowie's "Rebel Rebel" & (if you check the deep background vocals and drums at the end) it's a bit "Scary Monsters" too. I thought the deep voices that sound like their going 'bahh' sound a bit like the 'bahh' from Kraftwerk's "Tour De France". See what you think.

Finally, to my mind, the overall triumphant/jubilant vibe is vaguely reminiscent of Teardrop Explodes "Reward" & Electric Six's "Synthesiser".

All good references, i'd say!
So, stop whinning. Switch the channel if you don't like it. Pretend it doesn't exist in your world. Do whatever. Otherwise, turn it up, pogo around, and celebrate new music (with a twist of the past).


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