Saturday, July 15, 2006

Greetings from Denmark

I've been in Copenhagen this week. Very nice city. Clean, and surprisingly quiet. The weather is really nice in July - it's been 70 degrees and sunny every single day.

I've been a little disappointed with the music scene though. The record shops aren't all that. There are a couple of name brand stores that overprice everything (CDs are like $30). The indie shops I've found, namely Sexbeat Records and 2nd Hand, are ok, but their CDs are just as expensive, unless used. And for the love of god, can't I just find some Mew singles? As for the live scene, I haven't seen anyone good. It's the end of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, so there are some decent jazz acts around, but that's not really my scene. However, I've seen some decent DJ's´- including some guys at Zoo Bar that threw out the Jacques Lu Cont remix of Depeche Mode's "Pain That I'm Used To".

Tonight I'm going to the Ohoi! 4 year anniversary party aboard the M.S. Stubnitz (the Stubnitz is an old East German freighter ship - not kidding - that travels to ports throughout the Baltic whilst throwing DJ parties). Ohoi! is a top notch drum n' bass/dubstep event. Should be interesting.



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