Sunday, January 22, 2006

Editors at Rothko

Another great show by Editors. After all of the venue nonsense, Editors finally settled in at Rothko. They played a very similar, and short, set (if not the exact same) to the Mercury show, but seemed a little more into it. The crowd was much more vocal than at the Friday show - perhaps because the venue was packed by 10pm and they didn't take the stage until 11:30, so they were ready to rock.

After two nights of standing in front of the stage, I realized how great of a guitarist Chris Urbanowicz is. What I've always liked about Editors is the fact that their guitars are almost synth like, and along with the fast, precise drumming, they create a great dance rock sound withoyt using synths. And as I watched how quick and precise Urbanowicz was with his guitar, I was impressed at how well Editors recreated the "synth" sounds live.

Tom Smith gives a very emotional performance - almost Chris Martin-esque at times. And he's a nice chap too - I had a quick chat with Chris and him at the afterparty about how brilliant "Munich" is.

And even though the venue issues were crazy, Nick Marc did a good job securing both the live venue and the afterparty venue (Fontana's) after finding out that The Annex was not going to be ready for the show.


Blogger dr maz said...

you are the king of blogging about editors ! should turn this into the unofficial editors in NYC fanpage.

big up.

10:27 PM  
Blogger Christopher said...

I know. It's ridiculous. I'll stop now.

10:54 PM  

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