Friday, January 20, 2006

Brits invade Mercury Lounge in March

A bunch of "hot" British bands will set upon the Mercury Lounge in March. Test Icicles on the 2nd, Battle on the 10th, Guillemots on the 13th, iForward Russia! and Amusement Parks on Fire on the 23rd. Not so much into Test Icicles or Guillemots, and Battle kinda lost their effect on me after the so-so "Isabelle" followed the impressive "Tendency," but the Russia!/Amusment Parks show will be great. I've talked about iForward Russia! before, and Amusment Parks on Fire are an outstanding "new shoegazer" band, who covered MBV's "You Made Me Realize" for Never Lose That Feeling, Club AC 30's cover album of classic shoegazer tunes.


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