Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Less than 1%

A couple of months ago I decided to streamline my apartment a bit and shelve the stereo (much to the horror of my bootleg tapes). I replaced it with the JBL On Stage for my iPod, since most of my music was on there anyway. It worked well for the most part, but recently there was an annoying buzzing sound and the volume control was frozen. So I checked out the JBL website to see if there was any product support for the On Stage and this is what I find: "You may have heard that a very few customers (currently fewer than 1%) have experienced a problem with JBL On Stage." It then goes on and blames a specific chip in the unit, and tells you to enter the serial number of your On Stage to see if it has the defective chip. So I enter my serial number and in fact, my unit has the defective chip. So that means I'm in the 1% of On Stage owners that has a defective On Stage. Are you kidding me? How is it that I'm in that 1% group!?!

You know what else fails 1% of the time? Condoms. I hope to God I'm never in that 1% failure statistic.

(As for the On Stage, it's ok - pretty clear, but not loud enough. I should have gone with the Bose product).


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