Monday, December 11, 2006


NYPC's Modular Party performance at The White Room was a quick 6 song set, which according to NME consisted of "Get Lucky," "The Bomb," "Hiding on the Stair Case," "Ice Cream," "Chaos," and "The Get Go." I unfortunately missed it, and also didn't see them on Friday either, since NYPC cancelled their show because lead singer Tahita Bulmer lost her voice. I'm sure they will be back soon enough to put on a full show. Love her quote: "There were clearly plenty of people who were digging it...but there were also a lot of hipsters who might as well have been looking at pictures of elephant dung. It would have been nicer if some of those people had responded." Welcome to NYC.

I'm happy about the coverage that NYPC are getting, but please god, stop calling them "indie rave" or "new rave." Those are the dumbest genre terms I've ever heard of and don't even apply. They have more of an indie electro rock thing going on for them (if that tells you anything), but, like The Sunshine Underground, who are also tagged with "indie rave," they have no horns, sirens, or glow sticks. The Sunshine Underground sound more like an uptempo Bloc Party and should definitely not be lumped in with bands such as The Klaxons. Anyway...


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