Thursday, August 10, 2006

PureVolume - better than Myspace Music?

I was recently made aware of PureVolume by Jeff of The Daysleepers, who sent out an email about the band's page on that site. He said that the band felt that PureVolume was a better site for hosting their music. So I checked it out, and I have to agree. PureVolume is a much sleeker and cleaner site than MySpace Music. An easier to use music player that doesn't have trouble "buffering". Seems more professional. Easier loading of pages. No annoying flash graphics or animation. No annoying ads. No annoying "friends". (There are both ads and friends, but the key word is "annoying" - the ads and friends are much more subdued). Right now it appears that most of the bands on Pure Volume are relatively unknown indie types, but it also includes more well-known bands such as Panic! at the Disco and the recently-litigious Hawthorne Heights .

PureVolume seems to be a great alternative to those who are sick of MySpace. (Kings of A&R had a good post about MySpace)


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