Thursday, August 31, 2006

Like a Dream

Sanctuary is releasing a shoegazing retrospective entitled Like A Dream: The Story of Shoegazing. This 16 track disc will feature Ride ("Like a Dream"), Slowdive ("When the Sun Hits"), Catherine Wheel ("Black Metallic"), Lush ("Sweetness and Light"), Curve ("Horror Head"), Cranes, Chapterhouse ("Pearl"), Telescopes, and Ultra Vivid Scene ("Mercy Seat"), among others. This compilation is worth picking up for "Black Metallic" and "Sweetness and Light" alone.

The Independent wrote a nice piece about the shoegazing scene and this disc, and interviews Emma Anderson of Lush/Sing-Sing. Anderson, whom I met after a Sing-Sing gig in London (I, unfortunately, was speechless, as Lush was one of my favorite bands ever - all I could think to say was "the first Sing-Sing album was really good" instead of "Spooky changed my life"), provides a nice overview of the scene during the early 90's. In addition to Sing-Sing, she also DJs a "shoegaze" night in London. She'll mix in more than just shoegaze though. "After all," she says, "how much Slowdive and Telescopes can you listen to in one night?"


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