Saturday, January 27, 2007

It was Loaded with...

...a lot of British indie talent. The GBH-sponsored, Michael T-helmed indie rock night at Lotus - Loaded - was full of British bands last night. Alex Kapranos and Bob Hardy of Franz Ferdinand, members of The Cribs (who are recording a new album in NY, and which Alex is producing), and The Kaiser Chiefs were there - the Kaisers being the guest DJs last night. It's a fun night, even though Lotus seems to use the Meatpacking District's pain-in-the-ass means of getting in (a "special" wristband was needed to get in to the Loaded party). Even Alex - the front man of one of the biggest bands in the world - was confused by the entry policy. Nevertheless, good times. Michael T spins a great mix of new British rock, new wave, and classics. And the sound system there is great.


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