Friday, December 10, 2004

The Bravery and Moving Units at the Bowery Ballroom

It's not unprecedented that an opener completely blows away the main act, and it occurred last night at the Bowery Ballroom. Although they were both double-billed as the headliner, New York's The Bravery just came out and rocked - upstaging Moving Units headline set. Opening with "Honest Mistake" and plowing through 45 minutes of great music, The Bravery had the crowd moving, a rare feat with the "I'm to cool to dance" New York crowds. The lead singer stalked around the stage, Morrissey-esque, and told the crowd how glad they were to be back home. Unfortunately, their CD is not available until February, much to the disappointment of numerous concert-goers that stopped by the merchandise table.

Moving Units, despite numerous technical issues with the mic and guitar, put on a good show and also had the crowd dancing. However, the technical lapses led to down time, and many in the crowd called out for The Bravery again.

Overall, a great night at the Bowery.


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