Sunday, October 17, 2004

Interpol's Antics

I've been listening to Interpol for over two years now and I'm a huge fan. If you haven't heard them, they have a post-punk, indie rock sound with a British flavor (a little Cure, a little Smiths with some Joy Division thrown in). I can still remember hearing "Untitled" on their debut album Turn On the Bright Lights for the first time back in 2002. It was a completely overwhelming experience. I had not heard anything like that for a while and was psyched that a band was producing this sound again. I'd put Turn on the Bright Lights in my top 5 for the best debut albums ever (along with Doves' Lost Souls and Oasis' Definitely Maybe - I have to seriously think about two others though).

So when it came to their new album Antics, released in the last week of September, I had extremely high expectations. While a great album, however, I do not think that it can compare to TOTBL. It is a little more poppy than their debut and, gasp, potentially more mainstream-friendly. I was hoping for a little more doom and gloom, I guess. Nevertheless, the songs "Narc" and "Take You On a Cruise" are outstanding, and the version of "A Time to be So Small" is a step up from the previous version on the Precipitate EP. You can hear some of the songs at Antics.

I'm lucky enough to have see Interpol four times now, including at last summer's Curiosa Festival (an amazing event - perhaps for another day's column). Although I missed their "secret" show at the Bowery Ballroom last Sunday, the 10th, I'm gonna see them for their last American show this year at the Hammerstein Ballroom on November 12th. If you have the opportunity to get tickets, SEE THIS SHOW! Interpol is definitely a band to see live.


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